Bonafide Student

You are Bonafide Student:- Just like the citizens of our country, each individual has its rights and of course the duties towards the nation, similarly the day you join NBMC, you become our bonafide student and you all have rights as well as duties towards the college. As a bonafide student of this Institute –

1. You have full rights to explore Library after the classes.

2. You can utilize common room (Boys’ & Girls’) like seniors as well as play in the playground.

3. You should desist from doing any thing with or against your will, even if ordered by senior students.

4. No senior students can force you to wear any dress code except when invoked by the Institute, but the dress should be sober and dignified, so as to maintain the decorum of the Institute.

5. No senior student can use any teasing words or acts or treat with rudeness, which adversely affects the physique/psyche/mental health.

6. You can avail the playground jointly with seniors or separately.