Anti-Ragging Dogma

Incidences of “Ragging” have to be dealt strictly. It is a punishable crime and the hostellers must be aware of its serious consequences, if they are caught in any ragging activities as per the orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court and the Regulation of UGC.


What is ‘Zero Tolerance’?

a) To compel juniors to wear special types of dress/ shoes/ socks, etc.
b) To force them to bend their heads while walking/ standing.
c) To make them write and complete journals/ laboratory note books.
d) To force them to run ‘errands’ and purchase things from the bazar/ market.
e) To force them to wear special – coloured button, etc.
f) To force them to prepare tea / coffee etc for the seniors.
g) To compel them to make special type of hair style.
h) To force them to wear particular type of ribbons and salwar suits, etc.
i) To force juniors to come walking to college on bare feet.
j) To force juniors to come to seniors room / house / some other specific place.
k) To force juniors to clean hostel rooms, etc.
l) To tear off anti-ragging posters from the college/ hostel.
m) To force juniors to dance / sing / act, etc.
n) To compel juniors to remove/ shed their clothes.
o) To compel them to consume intoxicant of any kind, like smoke, use drugs or consume alcohol.
p) Force them to consume non edible food/ beverages.

We will not leave any stone unturned to curb out the scourge of ragging, but still if you feel any grievances against any students or member of the family of NBMC you are free to put complaints in the complaint / suggestion boxes affixed at various places. The complaint will only be entertained if it holds your name, which will be kept confidential.