Hostel Discipline

General Information and expectations

1. Hostellers are expected to know rules and regulations pertaining to the hostels of NBMC and abide by the same. It is expected that the hostellers will maintain the dignity of the institution.
2. Hostellers will submit full details of home address, contact number and specimen signature of local guardian along with the required declaration from parent to guardian and local guardian.
3. Any change in the address of the parent/guardian as well as local guardian must be informed immediately. At the beginning of the new academic year the hosteller will confirm that correct addresses and correct contact numbers of parent/ guardian and local guardian are there with the hostel records.
4. Allotment of the seats in the hostels will be made as per the policy of the institution. If the student does not avail the offered seat within the stipulated period they will forfeit any claim for the hostel accommodation. A student who once reserves his/her seat by paying the fee for hostel- accommodation, will not be eligible for refund if he/she chooses not to stay in the hostel.
5. Every hosteller is to bring his/her own mattress, pillow, blanket and linen, curtains, dustbin, water bucket and mug.
6. All the hostellers including fresh entrants must be present in the hostel on the previous evening of the beginning of the college session.
7. The hostellers will use the campus playing field and facilities only after the college hours.
8. The hostellers are responsible for the furniture, fixtures and equipments provided in the room. Hostellers are not permitted to remove the furniture or fixtures from the room. They are also not allowed to bring additional furniture without prior permission of the warden.
9. Hostellers are expected to maintain their rooms, bathrooms and corridors neat and clean. They will not write on doors, walls of the hostel. Their rooms may be inspected and checked by the warden at any time.
10. Every hosteller must take care to switch off the lights and fan when leaving the room. Similarly, he will take care to close the taps to avoid any undue water wastage. It is expected that he/she imbibes the habit of conserving electricity and water in the greater interest of the institute and the nation.
11. At the end of the vacation if the hosteller neither returns to the hostel within two weeks nor seeks permission to join late, his/her claim for the hostel accommodation will be terminated. The room may be allotted to another student.
12. When he/she vacates the hostels he/she has to give the charge of the same to the concerned authority. Clearance certificated from the competent authorities regarding no dues regarding mess, library will be needed before getting the no-dues from warden of the hostels.
13. The parents will give the names and passport size photograph of the relatives who would visit the student. The warden will have right to disallow any visitor.
14. Mobile phones and valuables kept in the hostel are at students’ own responsibility and risk and the authorities will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the same.
15. During college hours when hostellers are supposed to attend the lectures, practical classes, hospital posting, field visit or other assignments they will not remain in the hostels. Violation of the rule will lead to disciplinary action.
16. Defaulters regarding the maintenance of cleanliness of the room and hostel premises will be fined. Spitting on walls / floors is forbidden.
17. Hostellers are forbidden to keep and use articles like heaters, iron, stove, etc. If these articles are found in the room they will be confiscated and a fine will be imposed for violation of the rules.
18. Use of high voltage electrical gadgets like heater/ immersion rod/ induction cooker etc. are strictly prohibited in hostel room. Cooking of any type and ironing of clothes are strictly prohibited in the room.
19. Smoking, drinking, use of narcotics and drugs are strictly prohibited. Violation of the rules will result in expulsion from the hostels.
20. Use of music system is permitted only if the roommates and neighbours do not object. Any violation of the rule will lead to confiscation of these equipments for the durations of stay in the hostels.
21. Hostellers must dine in the mess/ dining hall. They should be in proper attire and maintain the decorum. Plates etc. should not be carried into the hostel rooms or elsewhere.
22. Girls should not remain outside hostel after 9.00 pm. If because of some valid reason some girl wants to be away from the hostel after that time she should get permission from the superintendent/monitress. The application must be endorsed by local-guardian.
23. Hostellers will be liable for disciplinary action if he/she causes disturbance and annoyance to his room mates or neighbours in the hostels.
24. No hostellers will engage any person for service of any kind. Violation of the same will lead to disciplinary action
25. The inmates of the hostel should not normally stay in hostel during college hours. Hostellers are not allowed to go out of hostels after 9:00 pm. Violation of the same will lead to disciplinary action.



a. Day scholars/ friends / guests / parents are not allowed to stay in the hostel.
b. Outside the visitors-hours (5.00 pm – 7.00 pm) visitors (day scholars / friends / guests / parents / guardians / local guardian) are not allowed in the hostel premises.
c. For male hostellers: the male visitor can visit the hosteller in the room after permission of the warden.
d. For female hostellers: the visitor can visit the hosteller in the ‘visitors’ room or ‘ante room’ in the hostels after the permission of the warden.
e. The out station guests may stay in the guest house with advance payment of the charges. An advance application from the hosteller in this regard is expected based on which warden will permit the outstation guest in guest house. However, guests are not allowed during the examination time. Violation of rules in this regard by the hosteller will lead to disciplinary action. A fine will be imposed in addition to the guest charges.
f. No student shall keep any unauthorized person in the room.


Absence from Hostel

1. If because of unavoidable reasons the hosteller has to go out of the hostel he/she has to get prior permission from the warden by a written application endorsed by his/ her local guardian. The applicant should mention reason for the absence, period of absence and complete address & contact number during this period.
2. In case the hosteller is not able to apply in advance he may take verbal sanction temporarily but must submit the application specially mentioning the ‘emergency absence’ once he/she returns to the hostel. Of course the application is to be endorsed by the local guardian.
3. For the unauthorized absence from the hostel the hosteller is liable to disciplinary action which may amount to suspension from the hostel and the institution. Permission for such absence will not be granted by the warden on phone. A written application from the ‘ward’ is a must addressed to the warden and duly countersigned by the local guardian. He / she will give written information of his/her return to the hostel to the warden.
4. When the students want to go for picnic, etc they should apply through the warden to the Dean / Principal of the institute. The application should contain the venue of picnic, date and time, mode of travel and the names of the participants, his/her/ their signature(s) along with the letter of undertaking regarding the responsibility by their respective local guardian.
5. When students plan for travel in vacation they should not plan to leave the station before start of the vacation. They will be liable for disciplinary action. In case of unavoidable reason a prior permission is to be sought from the warden.


Medical illness

1. In case of illness the hosteller should inform the monitor/monitress/ superintendent.
2. In case of serious illness the hosteller will be admitted into the hospital and the local guardian and parent / guardian will be immediately informed about the well-being of the hosteller.
3. No sick student is allowed to stay in the room without permission.
4. An appropriate Medical certificate of the duration of illness should be obtained from the treating physician by the student and submitted to the Dean’s / Principal’s office for attendance purpose.