General Discipline

A student admitted to NBMC shall be abided by the rules and regulations and standing-orders for students issued by the institution from time to time. These orders shall deal with the discipline of the students in the hostels, departments, institute premises and outside. These standing orders may also deal with such other matters as are considered necessary for the general conduct of the students, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Students should be aware that any rule imposed by the institute, university and Government is binding on him/her.


Codes Of Conduct, General Rules & Regulations

1. Regular and punctual attendance at lectures, demonstrations, practical, clinics, internal examinations and day and night duties in the wards is compulsory.
2. Students whose (required attendance 75% Theory and 75% Practical / Clinical posting) progress and conduct are not considered satisfactory will not be allowed to appear for the examinations.
3. Students are to equip themselves with approved instrument box, aprons, copies and books as approved by the Dean/Principal.
4. Ragging is illegal. If any student is found to indulge in ragging she/he will be suspended/ rusticated immediately without any notice. Whosoever directly or indirectly, commits, participates in, abets or propagates ragging within or outside the institution shall on conviction be punished as per the provisions of law.
5. Students are not allowed to paste posters and pamphlets in the college, hostels and campus. They are not permitted to write slogans graffiti etc.
6. Student must maintain strict silence in the classes / lab and must not wander about.
7. Students are strictly forbidden from the consumption of Alcoholic beverages, use of firearms, weapons and abusive drugs within any part of the institution or campus.
8. They must not disrupt any classes.
9. They must not form any groups / sanstha / mandals / on political / religions or linguistic grounds without the explicit permission from the management.
10. Students studying in college if found indulging in anti-national activities, contrary to the provisions of Acts & Laws enforced by Govt., or in any activity contrary to the rules of code of conduct and discipline will be liable to be expelled from the college without any prior notice by the Dean/Principal.
11. Remaining absent from the institution & hostel without prior permission of the authority is not allowed.
12. Students involved in common ‘OFF’ or ‘General Absence’ are liable to heavy fine/punishment by the Dean/Principal.
13. The students involved in “common off” or having less attendance in class shall be expelled from the hostel/college.
14. The students are required to move silently through the corridors without disturbing nearby classes and practical in laboratories.
15. Students must always carry identity cards in the Institute as well as outside the Institute and produce them on demand.
16. Student must keep the campus neat and clean, avoid dumping garbage and avoid littering plastics/ disposables in the campus. Use dustbins.
17. Students must compulsorily attend all national festivals like 15th August and 26th January  and College foundation day on 18th November without fail.
18. They must not to write on benches, walls and doors of class rooms / lab etc.
19. Nobody should sit on the corridor walls and on the stairs of the institution.
20. Please give way to teachers/ staff/ visitors while moving in corridors/ staircase or anywhere in the campus. They must wish and pay due complements to their teachers & seniors.
21. Visiting hostels during college hours is strictly prohibited by any student.
22. Behave in such a manner that suits a cultured “Doctor/ Medical student”.
23. The decision of managing committee in all disputes would be final and binding on all students.


Dress Code

1. The trousers (boys) should not have additional colors/ embroidery/ designs. Wear decent ones only. Avoid wearing skin tight clothes. INDECENT – dressing up is for bidden.
2. Students can wear any color combination but with reasonable design. Avoid T-shirts/ Poloneck shirts, etc.
3. Girls can wear salwar kameez or decent pair of trousers and tops. Avoid tight jeans and very short length of tops.
4. It is expected that students will come in class and wards with clean shaven like a dignified doctor.



1. If anybody is found in infringement of security guards or misbehaving with the faculty or staff of college is liable for disciplinary action.
2. Mobile phones and other personal items such as walkmans or cameras are not allowed in the class rooms and clinical areas.


Use Of Facilities

1. Students should observe rules and regulations of the library. Gossiping and talking is prohibited in the library. During college and class hours library will not be visited.
2. Strict discipline should be maintained while inside the college bus.
3. Lab equipments should be handled with care; students will have to pay for breakages, if any.
4. Maintain general hygiene while in canteen. Use dustbins for wastes & disposables. Observe timings of canteen. During college hours visiting Gym or Canteen is not permitted.